Learn About Japan with Maruko Chan

  • Chibi Maruko Chan Anime

    Chibi Maruko Chan is one of the popular anime TV series in Japan. It is very famous and has been followed by a lot of audiences. It talks about the everyday life of a little girl called Maruko Chan.

    Who is Maruko Chan?

    Her real name is Momoka Sakura, called as Maruko by her family and friends. Chibi means short. She is in the third-grade elementary school. She belongs to a family of six persons along with her mother, father, sister, grandma and grandpa. Her best friend is Tama-chan, who is also her classmate, together with Hanawa-kun, the rich boy, Maruo-kun, the class leader, and many others. Maruko chan is usually late for school and like the other kids, she evades doing homework. She likes reading manga and she is very close to her grandpa. She is always being scolded by her mother because of her shrewdness.

    Improve your Japanese Language Skills

    For those who already know basic Japanese, this anime TV series that you can even watch in youtube, is a great way to improve your Japanese language listening skills. The fact that the main character is just a little girl, the language used in this anime is very easy to understand and easy to follow. You can learn many new words and phrases just by watching it.

    Learn About Japanese Culture

    The series tackle about the everyday life of a little Japanese girl. It presents stories about her and her family, friends, classmates and teachers. It will bring you into the world of a Japanese third grader. You will see how she relates with her classmates and teachers and how she struggles in doing her assignments. You will know many things about the Japanese elementary school system. Not only about the school, but also about the typical Japanese family. Their house is a very typical Japanese house. You will see that the layout and furniture are conceived through the Japanese traditional way. You can understand more about the role of a typical Japanese mother and father. Some episodes talk about specific Japanese events like New Year, Girls’ Day, and Saint Valentine’s Day in Japan.
    Japanese Animes attract not just the young people, but it appeals to everyone. It is a great way to learn about Japan, its language and its culture. And for me, one of the greatest is Chibi Maruko Chan!