10 Must-Do’s for Tourists Traveling to Japan

  • There are different lists of what people should do when visiting certain countries. What they do there normally depends on what the country has to offer. Same when you plan to travel to Japan. There are the basic things that you have to do once here, so you wouldn’t regret missing out on them when you go back home. So what are the must-do things in Japan?

    1. Try local Sushi

    Maybe you have already tried sushi in your country. Or maybe sushi is even your favorite food. But seriously, you cannot miss out on eating sushi in the country of its origin. Sushi in Japan will surely be different from sushi in your country, and sushi restaurants in Japan are different as well!

    2. Visit Temple / Shrine

    Japan is famous with its temples and shrines. Temples in Japan are different from the temples in other countries such as China, Korea or temples in Southeast Asia.

    3. Shop at a Convenience Store

    As you may have heard convenience stores in Japan are awesome. So you can stop by and see what they sell there. You WILL love it!

    4. Buy Onigiri

    Onigiri is a Japanese rice ball wrapped in dried seaweed. People like to buy it as a breakfast or as a quick snack when they are hungry. In Japan, you can find onigiri everywhere. You can also buy it in a convenience store. Don’t leave Japan before trying onigiri.

    5. Take Subway

    You have to try taking trains in Japan so you will know how punctual and different they are compared to the other countries. Plus, you will always have a chance to blend in with the local people on the subway. So make sure to give it a try.

    6. Bathe in Onsen (Hot springs)

    Onsen is something very Japanese culturally. By soaking in an onsen you will have incredible experience local people enjoy. Maybe you will feel awkward because you have never been naked in the public bath. But you will certainly have something good to remember!

    7. Drink Japanese Green tea

    Same as sushi, Japanese green tea is one thing that you absolutely have to try here. Japanese green tea can be very different from that in your country. So give Japanese green tea in a local restaurant a try!

    8. Speak a couple words in Japanese to the local people

    It is nice to try to speak with the locals in their language. Just learn some basic Japanese phrases to practice them when you face the local people. You can just greet them ‘ohayou gozaimasu’ or thank them ‘arigatou gozaimasu’ when you received some service from them.

    9. Buy a Japanese traditional souvenir

    Buy some traditional souvenirs such as Japanese ceramic, chopsticks or geta (Japanese sandals), so you can have something really Japanese to bring back with you.

    10. Rent a Kimono

    It is a great experience to wear a kimono when walk around the city. Some places rent kimonos out for some hours. Moreover, if you visit some tourist locations like temples, some of them provide kimonos for rent so you can wear them inside that place. Try on a kimono and don’t forget to take a picture!