Have a Taste of Traditional Japanese Sweets With These 2 “Drinkable Desserts”

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  • Eating something sweet feeds the soul and brings people to a different level of happiness. It doesn’t only put one in a good mood but also makes life more enjoyable. In Japan, there’s a type of dessert that you can actually drink called “drinkable dessert.” If you’re unsure of what drinkable dessert to buy, why not try these two items that taste like high-quality traditional Japanese desserts?

    1. Kuraya Fruit Liquor

    Kuraya is a product of SHUGAR MARKET, a company that lets you discover the sweetness of plum wines and liqueurs. The concept of the company is to make delicious liqueur through a cold pressing technique. They make sure to bottle the untouched flavor of all kinds of fruits. Part of their products is the Kuraya series that allows customers to drink Japanese confection through bottles of liqueurs. Each bottle is full of flavor and reminiscent of Japanese traditional sweets.

    When it comes to dessert liqueurs, the flavors that are extremely popular are Kuraya Rice and Kuraya Anzo. Kuraya Rice has a thicker consistency, a richer flavor, and is best served cold. While Kuraya Anzo has a fruity flavor, also best served cold, and can be drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

    You can get these drinkable desserts at the SHUGAR MARKET branches in Shibuya and Shinjuku. You can also try other flavors such as Kuraya Pumpkin, Kuraya Chestnut, Kuraya Matcha, and Kuraya Persimmon. These are sourced directly from the breweries themselves which allow them to have an unparalleled flavor. Stocks are kept fresh through a daily delivery service.

    Access: Shibuya / Shinjuku

    2. Yakiimo Dayori

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    Another drinkable dessert you can try is Yakiimo Dayori, a roasted sweet potato drink considered the first of its kind in Japan. Yakiimo, or roasted sweet potato, is a common snack in the country. You can find yakiimo vendors along the streets, especially during the cold season when a hot piece of sweet potato is a go-to comfort food.

    If you’re on the lookout for a unique way of enjoying the flavor of yakiimo, you can try the Yakiimo Dayori drink which contains its roasted scent. This is a great drink that comes in a yellow packaging. One 280-mL bottle of this claims to have 4.8 grams of dietary fiber and 10 mg of vitamin E. You can pour the drink into a mug and warm it up. It naturally brings out a fragrant smell of baked goods.

    As of the moment, Yakiimo Dayori is only available in vending machines located at JR East Railway Stations. It is a new addition to the many different drinks that are already available.

    Drinkable desserts may be out of your comfort zone but these are unique items that you must try if you ever visit Japan. Not only will they quench your thirst but they will also boost your mood!

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