Want to Sport Candy-Colored Hair? Visit This Kawaii Hair Salon in Harajuku!

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  • Do you love colors? If you’re a fun type of person who loves to sport colorful things then why not take that interest to the next level by dyeing your hair with candy-colored hues? There is a hair salon in Harajuku called “Candye Syrup” that colors people’s hair like they’ve come out of a candy world. The salon has been contributing to Japan’s kawaii culture for many years through colorful hair styling. Find out more about it!

    Hair Color in Japan

    It has exceedingly become common to dye one’s hair in Japan. Both young and old are into experimenting with their hair. Japanese girls may be known for having long, jet black hair in movies, but you will actually see otherwise if you visit the country. You might be even surprised to see many people, especially women, sporting colorful hair with highlights. The most common hair color is brown, but you’ll also come across people with pink, green, blue, or yellow hair.

    Candye Syrup

    Since the salon competition is quite tough in Japan, it is important to think of unique ways in order to attract customers. That is why Candye Syrup opened a salon with a quirky fashion sense in the kawaii district of Harajuku. The shop has helped in keeping the cute fashion culture of Japanese people alive. The salon has even collaborated with several fashion magazines, adorning fashion models with cute candy-colored hair.

    Though the salon works like all the other salons in the country by providing haircuts, treatments, and so on, Candye Syrup’s specialty is kawaii hair styling and dyeing. Customers can choose from several hair colors such as neon, pastel, rainbow colors, and so on.

    Salon Services

    Candye Syrup is open every day except Tuesday. If you’re planning on visiting the salon, take note of the following fees:

    Regular haircut – 5,400 yen
    Shampoo – 540 yen
    Hair color – 5,400 yen
    Bleach and color – 10,800 yen
    Perm – 8,640 yen
    Bangs straightening – 5,400 yen
    Perm with haircut – 10,368 yen
    3D color – from 5,400 yen

    If you become a VIP member, you will be given extra discounts on the salon’s services.

    Many young people come to visit Candye Syrup in order to fulfill their fashionable hair dreams. If you’re one of them and would love to add a bit of cuteness to your look, drop by Candye Syrup in Harajuku!

    Candye Syrup Website *Japanese only

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