The 6 steps for making an awesome Monja-Yaki

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  • Have you ever eaten Monja-Yaki? Monja-Yaki is one of the traditional and typical foods of Japan. Sometimes people get confused about Monja-Yaki and Okonomi-Yaki. Actually those two are pretty similar and you can find usually them in the same restaurants. However, there are differences and I think that the way to make Monja-Yaki can make be more fun especially when you are with your friends or family! Here, I will introduce Monja-Yaki. Since cooking Monja-Yaki is kind of tricky, so I will also introduce you how to make awesome Monja-Yaki.


    As I said before, Monja-Yaki is a traditional and typical food in Japan. You can find Monja-Yaki restaurants easily in Japan especially in Asakusa, Tokyo. Monja-Yaki is basically made from cabbage, and Monja-Yaki’s flavors soup which is different depending on the restaurants. In usual Monja-Yaki restaurants, you make the Moja-Yaki by yourself on a hot plate which is called Teppan in Japanese.

    Recipe Steps

    1. DO NOT MIX!

    First of all, when you will see the Monja-Yaki set, you will think that you have to mix the cabbage, the topping food such as meat with the under bottom flavor soup. But my first advice is that you should NOT mix it.

    2. Put the cabbage first and stir-fry with the other ingredient

    Second, put the cabbage and the topping food on the hot plate. Then, you should mix it well on the hot plate so that the cabbage would be tender.

    3. Make a circle in the pan

    After the cabbage is ready, make a circle using cabbage to put the soup inside of it. the wall should be round and should not have even a small hole.

    4. Pour carefully the soup

    Then, put the soup inside of the formed circle carefully and then wait for a while.

    5. MIX IT!

    When the soup start to be blown, mix well with cabbage.

    6. Finally ENJOY!

    When the soup and cabbage start to burn a little bit, it is ready to eat! Take a small spoon and enjoy it! I bet you gonna have fun and a great experience!

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