Come to This Cafe For Tasty and Affordable Pizzas and Burgers in Osaka!

  • “Kuma” means bear in Japanese, and a national mascot in Japan is a bear called “Kumamon”. Kumamon is a very popular mascot which is now recognized all over the world, and you will often notice people wearing Kumamon sweaters and t-shirts!

    There is a wonderful little cafe in Osaka which specializes in the concept of Kuma. The cafe is called “Kuma Kafe” and it serves delicious American and Australian cuisine. It has a great selection of food and drinks, an amazing service, and amazing value for money! If you are visiting the Osaka area, take a break at this popular place!

    About the Cafe

    Kuma Kafe is one of the most popular cafe’s in Osaka, and is well loved by both Japanese locals and foreigners. It is owned by Paul, an Australian expatriate who makes sure that every guest is comfortable and relaxed in the cafe’s friendly atmosphere. Paul will also happily chat with guests and give them some travel directions and advice if they wish.

    Kuma Kafe is very affordable and serves great quality food. It serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can make a reservation if you wish, or just turn up. You can enjoy eating your food in the nice outdoor seating area, and there is also a take-out option.

    The cafe is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and the last order is at 7:00 sharp. Doors will close at 7:30 p.m. However, the cafe has no private dining rooms nor is it available for private use.

    It is also very family friendly, and you can bring along your children as it offers a child-friendly menu. The cafe also has a parking lot so you can come in your car easily. Take note that this is a non-smoking establishment!

    Kuma Kafe Food Menu

    The cafe’s food menu includes amazing handmade pizzas available in different sizes. The small size is good for 1 to 2 people, the medium size is good for 2 to 3 people and the large size should be enough for 3 to 4 people.

    Some examples of these pizza toppings include Supreme Pizza, Vegetarian Pizza, Hawaiian Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Carbonara Pizza, White Supreme Pizza, Salad Pizza, Cheese Pizza and Mexican Nachos Pizza.

    Small-sized pizzas cost from 1,000 yen to 1,800 yen, medium-sized pizzas cost from 1,800 yen to 2,600 yen, and large-sized pizzas cost from 2,500 yen to 3,400 yen. These popular pizzas are crispy, tasty and highly enjoyable! You can also try the amazing handmade Meat Pie which is served with salad and potato chips (1,000 yen). Another great dish is handmade Chili Con Carne which is served with salad of the day, nachos and a baguette (1,000 yen).

    You can also choose other dishes including handmade Papa Pasta, Kuma Frittata, Giant Kuma Salad, and hotdogs and chilidogs! Available side menu options include mashed potatoes, french fries and Kuma salad. These come in small size (400-600 yen) and large size (600-800 yen).

    Kuma Kafe also serves amazing Kuma burgers such as the Avocado Burger which is served with fries and is heavenly! You can pair your food with soft drinks, wines, cocktails and beers. Dishes are well-prepared and made with quality ingredients. The environment is also relaxing and it feels like you are eating in your own home!

    Kuma Kafe is one of the most affordable places in Osaka which serve great pizzas, burgers, and other dishes. You won’t be disappointed, and are likely to find something new to try everytime you visit!

    The staff are very friendly, and they’ll treat you like family and make sure that you enjoy every meal. The whole place has really tried to combine great international food with Japanese hospitality, and it works wonderfully!

    Kuma Kafe Tabelog Page

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