The 4 Creepiest Places In Japan

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  • No one will argue that Japan is a wonderland. There are lively cities, countless forms of entertainment, majestic landscapes and undeniably beautiful castles and temples. Yet this country, like any other, is filled with creepy places you might want to visit.

    1. Nara Dreamland

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    Back in 1961 when Dreamland first opened. It was the very next thing to Disneyland. From its entrance to its rides, it has been conceptualized from Disney. However, when the real deal came to town, the decline in Dreamland visitors became rampant. People would rather go to Disneyland to its multimillion dollar structures and great attention to detail, resulting to poor outcome for Dreamland and later is closed in 2006.
    It is ironic that it’s after its demise that people started coming back to Dreamland. However this time, it is not for fun but for creeps.

    2. Hashima Island

    15 kilometers away from the city of Nagasaki is an abandoned battleship island that has been giving people the creeps since 1974. It was a coal mine established in 1887 but when petroleum replaced coal in Japan in 1960’s, the mine was shut down forcing its residents to desert the island.

    3. Aokigahara/ Suicide Forest

    The dense foliage at the northwest base of Mt. Fuji has been a popular suicide location among the Japanese. There seems to be hundreds of suicides committed in the forest. The greatest recorded number was in 2003, when 105 bodies were found in the area, and in 2004 when with 108 deaths.

    4. Gulliver’s Travel Park

    The Gulliver’s Travel park opened in 1997, but only after four years it was forced to close due to the lack of visitors. It was speculated that the park’s lack of visitors was due its close proximity to Suicide Forest and to the headquarters of Aum Shinrikyu, the cult resposible for the 13 deaths in Tokyo gas attack in 1995.