4 Fantastic Things to Do In Enoshima

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    Enoshima is a popular place to visit in Japan. Enoshima is located in Fujisawa station which is near to Sichirigahama beach. You can go Enoshima from Tokyo easily by using the train, it takes about an hour. There are many places to go in Enoshima, so I think when you visit Japan, you should also visit Enoshima. I bet you would have a great experience there. Here, I will introduce about 4 activities to do in Enoshima.


    1. Enoden

    When you get to Fujisawa station, you should take one unique train to get Enoshima. The train is called Enoden which can run on the road next to the cars. As you know, Japan has well-developed transportation system especially trains, but the Enoden has been in Enoshima since long time ago. You can feel breeze and history of Enoshima if you get the train.

    Fujisawa station Access

    2. Benzaiten-Nakamise street

    Benzaiten-Nakamise street is one of the best places to walk around in Japan. Benzaiten-Nakamise street has many shops and restaurants which is just like a downtown. There are many shops and you can eat different Japanese foods as a snack such as rice cracker, rice cakes, green tea, and so on. You can go inside of the restaurants and hove a seat, but also you can hand the food and walk around the street.


    3. Enoshima Aquarium

    Since Enoshima is really near to the beach, there is a big aquarium in Enoshima. Enoshima aquarium is called Enosui usually.

    Enoshima Aquarium

    4. Raw Shirasu-don

    Shirasu don is one of the most famous food in Enoshima. Shirasu is a kind of small fish and we usually eat boiled Shirasu with rice. However, since Enoshima is really near to the beach, you can eat fresh Shirasu without cooking just like sushi. There are many restaurants which serve raw-Shirasu don. You cannot eat raw Shirasu easily even in Japan, so I recommend you to try it!
    Here I introduced about Enoshima, but it was just a little part of Enoshima. There are many things to do, so I think you should visit Enoshima and have a great experience there!