Visit a Real-Life Version of Kiki’s Bakery From the Ghibli Animation in Japan!

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  • Are you a huge fan of Studio Ghibli animations? If you are, then you must have come across the 1989 fantasy animation, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Interestingly, there’s a real-life Kiki’s Bakery located in a small hamlet called Yufuin Floral Village in Japan. Not much is known about the place other than having a whimsical and European atmosphere. Kiki’s Bakery is noticeable because of Jiji, the black cat in a cage that greets customers at the front door.

    What is Kiki’s Delivery Service?

    Kiki’s Delivery Service is about the adventures of a young witch, Kiki, and her black cat, Jiji. Kiki, a little clumsy with her skills, left home and stayed in the port city of Koriko to continue and pursue her witch training. There, she encounters many adventures, including working for a bakery owner in the area. She soon starts delivering goods with her broomstick which made things a bit easier. Facing some challenges along the way such as losing her abilities to fly and understand her cat, she regains her confidence in the latter part of the story.

    Yufuin Floral Village

    Yufuin Floral Village is said to be a quaint amusement facility situated in the town of Yufuin in Oita Prefecture. The place is reminiscent of an English village, with an atmosphere ideal for walking, shopping, and dining.

    Found inside the village are different shops such as the X’mas Store, The Rabbit, and Kiki’s Bakery. The X’mas Store is a limited merchandise shop where you can see snowmen and festive Christmas decorations, while The Rabbit is a shop that specializes in goods based on the popular fictional character, Peter Rabbit.

    The village is also attached to a hotel – the Yufuin Floral Village Hotel. Its restaurant, called Gallery Alice’s Tearoom, serves British specialties such as fish and chips and other traditional British dishes.

    Kiki’s Bakery

    One of the most visited shops in Yufuin Floral Village is Kiki’s Bakery, which is literally mimicked from the animation. It sells delicious, handmade European bread, mostly Danish-inspired, such as chocolate bread, pretzels, and butter croissants. It is said that their butter croissant is a bestseller as it tastes really good with the amount of butter it contains.

    The ingredients used by Kiki’s Bakery are carefully selected in order to provide a truly delicious taste. Their bread’s unique flavor is a result of the wonderful blend of ingredients. There offer many selections of bread on trays with the bread’s name and price.

    If you need help or have any questions, feel free to ask the bakery staff as they are very accommodating. The shop is open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

    A visit to Kiki’s Bakery in Yufuin Floral Village will leave you nostalgic and will make you desire for more Danish-inspired bread and croissants. It is a bewitching experience that you can write about and share as the bakery truly resonates the imagery and setting of the bakery from the animation. The place is also a great treat for Studio Ghibli fans. Don’t forget to visit the rest of the shops in the village for a whimsical shopping and dining experience!

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