3 Unique Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo

  • There are different types of eateries in Japan, from themed restaurants to izakaya pubs and even animal cafes. This time, I’d like to introduce you some of my favorites.

    1. Owl cafe

    Recently these cafes have become famous, some owl cafes even allow you to touch the birds, as you drink your coffee or juice. Actually, petting the owls is dangerous as they are carnivores and can hurt you, but the cafe owls are trained, so unless you touch them roughly they won’t hurt you. You can also ask the staff to put an owl on your shoulder and take a cool picture with it! (no flash)

    Owl cafe website *Japanese only

    2. Lock up cafe

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    Lock up cafe is not a place you go to for a cup of coffee, but is actually a restaurant that looks like a prison filled with zombies.
    When you enter the restaurant, a girl in a police uniform will ask you “what crime did you commit today?” and she will take you to one of the “prison cells” that has a table with the chairs in it. After you order some foods (that looks odd but is delicious) is is basically the same as any other restaurant. However, every hour all the lights suddenly turn off and an alarm says “Zombies escaped from the prison, please be careful everyone”. This is the main reason you should visit it. It continues for around 10 minutes but during that time zombies come into your cell to scare you. Lock up is a chain restaurant and can be found in most big cities.
    Check out their short introduction video!

    3. Ninja restaurant

    Finally, Ninja Restaurant is just as existing too! Depending on location, the styles are really different, this time I am talking about the one in Akasaka, Tokyo prefecture named “Ninja Akasaka”. You will be surprised at how complicated it’s interior design is. This is to make it a secret and mysterious place. Speaking about food, you have to order a course of food and each course costs more than 5000yen. It’s a bit expensive but their foods are served to you in a special way. I mean they use “Ninjutsu”(a ninja magic)! I think you can have a lot of fun there. If you want to know more details you can check their website.

    Ninja Akasaka website *Japanese only

    I hope you will visit at least one of these places and have a great fun!

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