Interested in Fashion? Watch a Different Fashion Show in Tokyo This Autumn!

  • Japanese fashion doesn’t necessarily mean baring it all. There is actually a growing trend of staying fashionable the modest way, inspired by Muslim fashion. The increasing number of Muslims visiting Japan year by year prompted a fashion event called “Tokyo Modest Fashion Show” since 2016. This coming November 21 to 23, 2017, another fashion show of its kind will be held in Asakusa, Tokyo.

    What is Tokyo Modest Fashion Show?

    Tokyo Modest Fashion Show is a fashion show that aims to inspire not only Muslim women but all kinds of women to become modestly fashionable in their own style. It gives women the chance to enhance their beauty by covering themselves in fashionable apparel.

    The first Tokyo Modest Fashion Show was held in November 2016. Different fashion brands and designers showcased their modest apparels such as Rina Salleh Clothing, Sufyaa, Tuty Adib, Lia Afif, Alia Anggun, Fatimah Morsin, Shahara Shawl, and Azni Smdin. The number of styles ranged from two to 10 per fashion brand.

    The event was held in line with the Halal Expo Japan 2016 which was participated by 6,698 visitors. With the theme “HALAL FOR ALL,” the two-day event also included several exhibition booths and a buyers-and-traders session.

    Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017

    With the upcoming Halal Expo Japan 2017 this autumn, the second Tokyo Modest Fashion Show will also be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center in Asakusa. The fashion show will follow the theme of “Style and Modesty,” allowing women to find beauty without focusing on their bodies.

    In line with this, the Generation M Design Award will be given to the young fashion designer who will be able to showcase his/her talent in modest fashion during the event. The competition has been participated by many applicants and it seems to be quite intense. The winners of the final round will be joining the Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017. The current finalists are Eqa Aqilah Binti Yusni, Mohammad Farris Aiman Bin Nor Sarizan, Fatin Nabilah Bt Mohamad Yaziz, and NurHafaiezah Bt Harmizie. Only applicants coming from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Japan were entertained. The overall winner will be selected and crowned on November 21, 2017, during the runway show.

    If you are into fashion and haven’t thought about what fashion style you want to focus on, why not hone your skills in modest fashion? Still a fresh concept in the fashion industry, it can be a good option if you want to reach out to Muslim women. You can also watch the fashion show in Tokyo for an added idea. It seems like the city is living up to being the hub for the world’s evolving sense of fashion. We’ll surely be seeing many of these modest fashion shows in the coming years!

    Tokyo Modest Fashion Show 2017 Website

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