Do You Know Peter Rabbit? Check Out His Own Themed Garden Cafe in Tokyo!

  • When you travel around Japan and look closely at some Japanese items, you’ll see the affection that the Japanese people have for Beatrix Potter. Beatrix was a British writer who wrote the ever-popular story of Peter Rabbit, one of the adored bunnies in the country. Did you know that there is a Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe in Tokyo? Check out this heaven for Peter Rabbit fans who want to have that nostalgic experience or just want to read some Peter Rabbit books!

    How popular is Peter Rabbit in Japan?

    The story of Peter Rabbit’s success around the world is quite vast, but how did it become so popular in Japan? For those of you who don’t know him, Peter Rabbit is a European fictional animal character who appears in children’s books and is known for wearing a blue jacket.

    “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” was the first book that Beatrix published in 1902. It became a huge success and was able to sell 20,000 copies. The oldest Japanese translation of this tale was found in a 1906 Japanese magazine. The discovery of this translation resulted in the conclusion that there is a huge probability that the Japanese people were the first ones to have read Peter Rabbit’s tales outside English-speaking countries.

    Every year on Beatrix’s death anniversary, a Peter Rabbit Exhibition is held in some Japanese museums, showcasing some of her illustrations and sketches.

    The Garden Cafe

    With Peter Rabbit’s popularity in Japan, it comes as no surprise that he has a themed cafe in Tokyo. The well-decorated Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe, managed by the Rakeru company, looks like a quaint cottage with a blossoming garden in England. Looking at the place will tell you how much effort has been put on it.


    Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe offers an original menu made from healthy, domestic, and seasonal ingredients. The Grand Menu is divided into different categories: Peter Rabbit’s Gardens, Benjamin Bunny’s Meal, Ribby’s Hospitality, Peter Rabbit’s Vegetables, Dishes of Jemima, Mrs. Tabitha’s Tea Time, Josephine Bunny’s Shop, The Sly Old Cat’s Drink Menu, Mr. Tod’s Side Menu, Peter Rabbit Kid’s Menu, and Cecily Parsley’s Alcohol.

    Some dishes you can try are Ribby’s Cottage Pie (1,080 yen), Jemima’s Omurice (1,280 yen), Tom’s Milky French Toast (1,080 yen), and Peter Rabbit’s Bouquet (1,280 yen). The kids’ menu includes Kid’s Omurice (780 yen) and Kid’s Spaghetti Neapolitan (680 yen). They also have various drink options on offer, from tea to coffee to soda, as well as alcoholic drinks like beer.

    Additionally, you can avail of Peter Rabbit’s Birthday Cupcake on his birthday, September 4th. They also offer seasonal menus such as a Halloween Menu.

    Inside the cafe, you can call the staff’s attention by ringing a bell. There are also several Peter Rabbit books that you can read. The cafe’s business hours are from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. For reservations, you may call 03-3725-4118.

    It is quite rare to find a cafe in Japan that puts a huge effort in making every child’s favorite fictional character a dream come true. Peter Rabbit, who is generally acknowledged and well loved by the young and old, is definitely no exception. Do visit the Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe sometime if you ever drop by Tokyo!

    Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe Website

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