Get Cozy and Enjoy Quality Hand Drip Coffee at This Secluded Cafe in Sapporo

  • When in the colder parts of Japan such as Hokkaido, wouldn’t you want a nice, hot cup of delicious coffee? If so, you’ll surely enjoy your coffee experience at Cafe MORIHIKO, a rustic cafe located in Sapporo. Check it out!

    What makes Cafe MORIHIKO Unique?

    In Hokkaido Prefecture’s Sapporo City lies Cafe MORIHIKO, a tiny cafe popularly known for its wooden exterior. It’s situated in a secluded area and locating it is an adventure in itself. For cafe hoppers, finding it can be a thrilling experience.

    Cafe MORIHIKO has an old-fashioned and relaxed atmosphere where books are crammed and antique things can be found. The place is clearly evident of the owner’s (Mr. Sousuke Ichikawa) love affair with coffee.

    In Cafe MORIHIKO, customers enjoy drinking their coffee slowly. It is an ideal place for people who want to stay alone all day as it is off the beaten path. Some people claim that this is the best coffee shop in Sapporo that serves quality hand drip coffee. Though it’s hard to find, it is definitely worth the walk.

    What the Cafe Serves

    Cafe MORIHIKO serves coffee, tea, cold drinks, and cake sets. You can order different types of coffee such as MORI no SHIZUKU (680 yen), Morihiko French blend (550 yen), Morihiko mild blend (550 yen), mocha bran (700 yen), and cafe au lait (700 yen). For tea lovers, you can choose from Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Masala, Elegance Blend, and Lemon Ginger. Cold drinks include milk, milk cocoa, and homemade ginger ale. You can also avail of their cake set which includes one drink plus a slice of cake.

    More Information

    Aside from enjoying a relaxing stay at Cafe MORIHIKO, you can also watch the baristas as they prepare coffee the traditional way. The cafe is open daily from 11:00 AM to 9:30 PM. It has a lot of patrons so expect to fall in line before getting a seat inside as there are only 16 seats available. The cafe is also offering brunch, lunch, and dinner so you can drop by any time of the day.

    For a coffee-and-cake kind of date, Cafe MORIHIKO in Sapporo is a must-visit. The ambiance is lovely and their coffee and cake are good. The service is excellent and the place quite private, allowing you to have a peaceful time for yourself or with your family, friends, or colleagues.

    Cafe MORIHIKO Website

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