Who Is This Japanese Pianist That Has Wowed the World Despite His Blindness?

  • Have you ever seen a blind pianist who plays music well? You might be surprised if you come to know Nobuyuki Tsujii – a talented Japanese pianist who plays music with sweetness, gentleness, and sincerity as if he is not visually impaired. His talent in music garnered him several awards including international ones, and his childhood experience highly contributed to his popularity as a celebrated piano virtuoso. Let’s find out more about him!

    As a Young Pianist

    Nobuyuki Tsujii was born blind. His blindness was caused by an abnormal development of the eye called microphthalmia. This disability of his, however, doesn’t stop him from living a normal life.

    Thanks to his mother who is always there to support him, Nobuyuki felt music through his other senses – visiting museums and attending festivals with fireworks displays. Though he is not able to see the beauty of these things, his mother would often share her feelings and opinion with him. It gave him the courage to appreciate and live life positively.

    Nobuyuki started playing the piano at a very young age. His formal piano lessons started when he was four years old. A few years later, he was already bagging local music awards. It was followed by his debut solo performance at 12 years old. He was also prominently featured in several piano competitions.

    His Works

    Nobuyuki is not only a pianist but is also a composer; his first composition being “Street Corner of Vienna.” He also composed theme songs for several Japanese films such as Hayabusa: The Long Voyage Home. He received good feedback from different people and magazines that featured him. Some say his music is genuine and that he plays sweetly, gently, and sincerely.

    You can find several of his works in CD and DVD formats such as “Touching the Sound: The Improbable Journey of Nobuyuki Tsujii,” “Chopin: Etudes & Ballades Nobuyuki Tsujii,” and “Nobuyuki Tsujii Chopin Piano Sonatas 2 & 3.”

    Nobuyuki wants to share his talent and feelings for music with the rest of the world. For him, it is one of the best things that he can do. Aside from having an inspiring personality, many people think that his musical performance has a healing power – simply pure and divine. Go and have a listen to one of his pieces and prepare to be emotionally touched.

    Nobuyuki Tsujii Official Website