5 Reasons to Make Japan your Next Travel Destination

  • Known as “the land of the rising sun”, Japan never stops progressing. It always surprises people with their unique culutural heritage and traditions. Japan has always had what it takes to draw in the visitors from all over the world. Their creative mix of antiquity and artistic culture are already enough to blow your mind. Be it your first time or nth time, Japan will always leave a one-of-a-kind impression.

    Now, these are some of the reasons to choose and visit Japan.

    1. Seasonal Festivals

    Talk about unique, Japan has many festivals. From the ice and snow festival in Sapporo down to the colorful summer festival in Kagoshima, name it, they have it. Japan loves celebrating the changing of seasons like no other. It’s like no matter when in the year you visit, there’s a festival waiting for you.

    2. Food and Drinks

    One of the goodies of a trip to Japan is exploring the full and exotic range of Japanese food and drinks. No other can compare with the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. Their food has original flavours and textures that can rarely be found in another country.

    3. Kindness and Politeness of the Japanese

    In Japan, it’s common to see people bowing to say “thank you,” “sorry,” and “excuse me” for almost 90% of the things they do.

    One of the scene that caught my attention was watching the train staff bowing to every single passenger getting on the train after they cleaned the station.

    Although at first, it may look strange for a tourist, after a while when you become used to it, you’ll start bowing to everyone in the same manner. They are also good in assisting people. They will make you feel safe and can build up a mutual connection.

    4. Castles, Temples, and Shrines

    Castles, Temples, and Shrines in Japan are popular among the tourists because it is deeply connected with the Japanese culture and traditions. It has a lot to do with the history and some are very historical. Nevertheless, it is one of the top reasons to see Japan.

    5. Nature and Climate

    People in Japan enjoy each of the seasons for a variety of seasonal activities. As for nature, Japan is renowned for its beautiful mountains, hills, forests, plants, and flowers. Nature covers over two thirds (2/3) of Japan, therefore, if you wanna go soul-searching in the nature, Japan is the perfect place for you.