4 Beautiful Light Illumination Events in Japan this Winter 2017!

  • As the winter season approaches in Japan, the weather starts to get cooler. People may not be looking forward to the boring cold days, especially those who are living in colder regions such as Hokkaido. However, there are several ways to enjoy the harsh season!

    One of the fun and stunning winter features in this country are the illumination events that usually start at the beginning of December. These events bring warmth and light to the gloomy atmosphere of the winter season. To make sure your calendar is updated, check out these four upcoming illumination events in the country taking place this winter 2017.

    1. Kobe Luminarie 2017

    Obvious from the name of the event itself, Kobe Luminarie occurs in Kobe every year. It started in 1995 as a commemoration of the Great Hanshin earthquake which occurred that year. The earthquake killed more than 6,000 people in Kobe and its neighboring areas.

    The lighting is kept up for about two weeks. It is a symbol of hope for the people’s recovery in the area. In 2017, the illumination will be shown from December 8th until December 17th. It will be in the area around Motomachi Station on the JR Kobe Line.

    It will start at the Former Foreign Settlement and will extend up to Higashi Yuenchi Park. This event is very popular and is usually visited by millions of people so you have to expect a huge crowd. Anyone can come and watch as there’s no entrance fee!

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    2. Arashiyama Street Lighting

    This event is part of the so-called “Kyoto Arashiyama Hanatouro 2017.” It is being held from December 8th until December 17th, 2017. The Sagano and Arashiyama walkways will be lit by beautiful open-air lanterns.

    This lighting event allows people to see the beauty of nature (shadows and flower arrangements) at night. Along the lit up path are Togetsukyo Bridge and the Bamboo Forest Walkway. These areas will also be shining in light illuminations. It creates a fantastic pathway and is well worth a visit!

    The event starts in the late afternoon from 5:00 p.m., and continues until 8:30 p.m. The place is open to everyone!


    3. Glover Garden Light Illumination

    Another winter illumination festival is located in Nagasaki’s Glover Garden, which is a heritage site in the country. Located in this area are the beautiful traditional homes of former British merchants.

    The garden is named after Thomas Blake Glover, a Scottish merchant who is also a significant figure in the history of Mitsubishi. He went to Japan in 1859 and managed to establish a Nagasaki office. He is said to have had a strong influence on Japan’s industrialization. Located in the garden is his old house which is considered to be the oldest wooden-style house in Japan.

    The garden is being illuminated during the winter season. In 2017, it will be lit from November 18th to December 31st. The viewing time will be from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The event has an entrance fee of 610 yen per person. Winter season is probably the best time of the year to enjoy these kinds of illuminations!

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    4. Caretta Illumination 2017

    This breathtaking illumination event is taking place from the 16th November 2017 to the 14th February 2018. It will feature a special Beauty and the Beast themed light show in Caretta Shiodome! This event is taking place a little longer than the other events, and can be enjoyed into the New Year.

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    Smile through the blue days of the winter season by attending these illumination events in Japan. Each event is more than a week long so it will give you enough time to schedule your visits. The beautiful illuminations will give you that happy Christmas mood whenever you need it!

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