The Musical Ikutama Summer Festival

  • Ikukunitama Shrine

    Ikutama shrine is located at Ikutamamachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka. The shrine burnt in the 8th year of the Tensho Period (1580) during the Ishiyama battle. It was moved to the current location when Hideyoshi built the Osaka Castle in the 11th year of the Tensho Period. Ikutama shrine has an annual summer festival on 11 and 12 of July, is one of the three major festivals held in Osaka, the two festival is Tenjin Matsuri and Sumiyoshi Sai Festival. Participants of the festival mostly from local school kids and volunteers.

    Ikutama Summer Festival

    The festival start in the morning of July 11. The festival consists of a procession around the city, some performance in the shrine and the stall around the shrine. The main show of the festival begin in the evening where the area around the shrine will be very crowded.

    The festival starts with a procession by a group of people riding in a truck that move slowly followed by portable shrines and with some kids that play Taiko with passion, and the taiko is pushed by men.

    There are various food vendors on the left and right of the path of the shrine. They have been prepared their stall before the participants of the festival go around the city.

    People praying in the shrine is part of the festival.

    After the procession finish and all of the participants arrive at the shrine, some kids perform the dance of lion (Shishimai) accompanied with some dancers that are wielding a fan.

    When the day is going dark, it is time to enjoy the food vendors and amusements around the shrine. A lot of Japanese food that you can find here, such as Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki and many more.

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