Enjoy An Authentic Mojito for Only 300 Yen at This Standing Bar in Tokyo!

  • Good news mojito enthusiasts! There is a standing bar in Ginza which serves a huge selection of food and drink, including mojito’s, for only 300 yen!

    If you haven’t visited this great place yet then it is probably time to bring that alcoholic spirit of yours and head to the bar. It recently received the Best Mojito Award by the Cuban Embassy of Tokyo in 2017 due to its authentic mojito which is popular among many local and international customers!

    All about 300Bar

    The name “300Bar” originates from the simple fact that this bar serves many items which cost just 300 yen on its menu! Included on this menu is the mojito, a traditional Cuban highball. For many people, it is a perfect rum cocktail consisting of just five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda, and mint. The price of getting a mojito at 300Bar is one of the cheapest you will find in Ginza.

    Because of this cheap price and the great taste, 300Bar has a reputation for serving around 40,000 glasses of mojito per year. The bar is located in Ginza’s shopping district which is an ideal location for starting a great night out! As an international bar, 300Bar has also consistently attracted foreigners to the area and is a very popular hangout for expatriates, young and single people, and locals who want a fun and cheap night!

    When it comes to media attention, the bar has been receiving quite a lot of coverage from different magazines and television channels. It has been featured in Vogue, Rolling Stone, Rudo, Bar Times, and JapanToday.

    What the Bar Offers

    Besides serving great mojito’s, 300Bar has an extensive menu of drinks and food. There are over a hundred items served including beer, cocktails, and delicious dishes. Once you arrive at the bar, you’ll pay for your food and drinks in the form of tickets. These will be exchanged at the bar. Drinks and food cost 300 yen each, and this is inclusive of sales tax!

    Also, if you buy ten tickets, you will be given one free ticket. The bar also serves premium cocktails made from organic herbs. If you’d like enjoy even better value for your money, you can visit 300Bar during their happy hours which are from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. During happy hour you can exchange one ticket (300 yen) for a bottle of world beer (Charles Quint, Lowenbraw, Corona, Budweiser, Ebisu), and carefully-selected whiskey (McCarran, Laphroaig, Ardbeg, Yoichi, Ichiro’s Malt, and others).

    During normal hours, you can order from the bar’s Mojito Collection which includes flavors such as Blueberry Mojito, Mango Mojito, Rose Mojito, Orange Mojito, Canadian Mojito, Mojito Sangria, Cucumber Mojito, Mojito Hopper, Garden Mojito and many more!

    You can also have gin, vodka, tequila, pinga, shooters, whiskey, whiskey cocktail, liqueur, wine, shake, shochu, sake, and non-alcoholic drinks. This is an all-standing bar so if you’ve been standing in the office for a long period of time then this may not be the place for you! The venue is livened up by DJs who play great music. There are also scheduled DJ events so guests can watch their favorite DJ’s performing!

    Nothing is more exciting than paying only a few bucks for your drinks. Enjoy Ginza’s nightlife at 300Bar with your coworkers and friends and let your 300 yen go a long way! Treat yourselves to an aromatic and flavorful mojito and dance the night away with live music.

    300Bar Website

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