3 Health-Boosting Items You Can Buy at a Japanese Convenience Store

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  • Keeping on top of your health while in Japan can be tricky, especially with all the delicious snacks that are on offer. People may claim that you are sure to lose weight while you are in Japan, and although the typical Japanese diet does include rice, fish, and vegetables, there are also many unhealthy foods that are easy to get like sweets and fast food.

    Convenience stores, in particular, have cakes, potato chips, fried chicken, and all kinds of delicious and unhealthy treats that can set you back if you’re trying to diet or simply trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Many people rely on convenience stores for lunch as an affordable alternative to cooking or going to a restaurant. Not everything you can buy at a 7-11 or Family Mart is a salty or sugary snack, though. Do you often pick up meals at a Japanese “konbini”? Here are three items sold at most convenience stores in Japan that are delicious, easy to consume, and promote excellent health as well as potentially help you avoid getting sick.

    1. 39 Hinmoku Vegetables and Fruit

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    This is one of the many drinks you will spot in the beverage section of stores. It is usually located near the cartons of milk.

    This drink is only 130 yen and is packed with blended fruit and vegetables. Blended veg is really healthy for you and the fruit makes it taste good as well as providing vitamins. No sugar is added and it’s not too sweet, making it preferable to fruit juice which tends to be super sweet with lots of added sugar. One carton of this a day can ward off colds and provides you with a full day’s worth of vegetables as well as your daily recommended intake of vitamin C.

    If you can’t find this carton drink, the smaller box juice Kagome is a good alternative.

    2. Vitamin Lemon

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    There are various versions of these over the counter medical drinks, which range between 100 and 200 yen. If you feel like you’re going to get a cold or you have a sore throat, drink one of these lemon-flavored treats to give yourself a boost.

    It is filled with vitamin C to help ward off sickness. It’s very sweet, so those who love lemon should try it if just for the flavor! There is also an orange version available.

    3. Vitamin Supplement Drink

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    Finally, if you find yourself with a small vitamin deficiency, these small and affordable jelly drinks can be a great alternative to medicine.

    Vitamins available include iron, calcium, protein, minerals, and energy. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, you can catch up on your vitamins with these tasty little packets. They’re easy to drink and at 210 yen, are more affordable than buying a tin of vitamin supplements.

    These three items can really boost your health and stop you from getting sick, which is handy because there’s nothing worse than falling ill when you’re traveling. Convenience stores are found on almost every street corner in Japan, so be sure to stock up and provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs!

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