Shiroikoibito Park, the Heaven for Sweets Lovers

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    Hokkaido, one of the Japanese beautiful prefecture is rich with many touristic spots attracting domestic and international visitors. And for sweets lovers, there is a place in Hokkaido called Shiroikoibito Park. Shiroikoibito Park is a place where you can enjoy many activities related to sweets and cakes. Here are some interesting places you ca
    n visit in the park and activities you can do.

    1. Flowers Garden

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    Start your journey with visiting a beautiful garden with seasonal flowers in front of several facilities, no need to pay single yen to see this flowers garden, just enjoy and relax. Trying their ice cream in the courtyard is highly recommended.

    2. Enjoying The Aurora Fountain

    In front of this beautifully decorated fountain made in 1870, you can sit around the fountain and be amazed by its decorations.

    3. Chocolate Cups Collections

    Inside this luxurious collections room, you will see many kinds of cups. It is a collection with historical value and of course very expensive. Not just cups collection, you will also see various kind of chocolate packages and boxes back to the 1800’s. If you are chocolate lovers, you will be happy to be there.

    4. Choco-time Tunnel

    In this tunnel-like room, you will see the chocolates making process miniatures back to the 19th century in the British chocolate factory.

    5. Shiroikoibito Production Line

    You can see how the famous sweet from Hokkaido “The Shiroikoibito” is produced. Shiroikoibito is a combination of langue de chat cookie and white chocolate. It is a very famous sweets souvenir from Hokkaido, the taste is very delicious.

    6. Cookie Craft Studio

    Make your own shape Shiroikoibito cookie with your own message in a cookie. They will give you the same ingredients as the real “Shiroikoibito” cookie use.

    7. Chocolates Lounge

    You can sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite hot chocolate in a beautiful cup. The lounge is a place where you can try many kinds of sweets Hokkaido products. you may not want to leave this place.

    Shiroikoibito Park