Japan: The Special Needs Friendly Country

  • After reading this you will fall in love with Japan even more!

    There was an opinion voiced by Ayesha Almazrou, The National’s journalist, that one of the most important signs of advancement in any city is the integration of people with special needs into the community. I pretty much agree with her statement, people with the special needs are simply part of us, a part of our society. And my first impression about Japan was “yes this is what we call the advanced country with its advanced cities”.

    Japan is a country that pays a lot of attention to the people with special needs, here are some of the examples to give you an idea how it works here.

    Special needs friendly toilets

    Most of the Japanese cities have toilets for people with special needs which are spacious and well equipped, located in most public places like parks, malls, supermarkets, train stations, and, of course, tourist spots. In many countries these kinds of facilities are not a priority.

    Easy access for people with special needs

    You can find many places that can be easily accessible by people with special needs in Japan, from airports to the stations, from schools to universities and etc. For example, many buildings in Japan are facilitated with special needs friendly entrance, they also build elevators with braille labels, accessible pavements for people with limited mobility can be found in every city and the yellow textured paving blocks installed for visually impaired people are more than common.

    Public Transportation for everyone

    People with limited mobility don’t have to be stuck at home and they can explore Japan with buses, trains and even ships. Most of public transport in Japan are built with people with special needs in mind. There are priority seats in most of the trains and transport is equipped with necessary equipment

    Ready to Help

    if you need help with anything, just ask a staff at the service counter in any public facility, they are ready to help you in a courteous manner with a bright smile, they will help and assist you as much as they can, that is something special about Japan that you may not find it in any other country.

    So, don’t hesitate to visit Japan!

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