How Many of These Popular Tokyo Banana Treats and Flavors Have You Tried?

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  • I’m sure you’re very familiar with TOKYO BANANA. It is undeniably one of the most popular sweet souvenirs you can buy in Japan. It is a soft, custard-filled, banana-shaped cake that comes in different flavors. Before buying any of these souvenirs, make sure you get to know the different TOKYO BANANA flavors first. Let’s check them out!

    The Different Flavors of TOKYO BANANA

    1. Original

    The Original Flavor of TOKYO BANANA is a light and fluffy sponge cake filled with banana custard cream. It comes in a value pack or in gift boxes. A value pack consists of 4 pieces, while a gift box consists of 8, 12, or 16 pieces.

    2. Honey

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    The TOKYO BANANA Honey Flavor is only available at Haneda Airport. It is noticeable with its stripe pattern similar to that of a honeybee. It only comes in gift boxes of 4, 8, or 12.

    3. STAR Almond Milk Cream

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    A cute flavor is the TOKYO BANANA STAR Almond Milk Cream as the cake is decorated with stars. This flavor is only available during the winter season.

    4. HEART Maple

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    Another cute variant is the TOKYO BANANA HEART Maple Flavor which consists of a maple-flavored custard filling. It also comes in gift boxes of 4, 8, or 12.

    5. Banana Caramel Custard Cream

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    The TOKYO BANANA Banana Caramel Custard Cream is a popular flavor due to its classic taste and the cake’s giraffe design. It comes in a value pack of 4, or in gift boxes of 8 or 12.

    6. TREE Chocolate Banana Cream

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    The TOKYO BANANA TREE Chocolate Banana Cream is known for its leopard spots made from cocoa dough. It also comes in a value pack of 4, or in gift boxes of 8 or 12.

    7. ROAR Caramel

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    The TOKYO BANANA ROAR Caramel Flavor is designed with tabby cat stripes. It also comes in a value pack of 4, or in gift boxes of 8 or 12.

    Other TOKYO BANANA Cakes

    Aside from the banana-shaped cakes mentioned above, TOKYO BANANA also has other sweets on offer.

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    There’s the TOKYO BANANA CASTELLA CAKE Maple Flavor which is only available at Haneda Airport. Another version of this is topped with crystal sugar. You can also try the TOKYO BANANA BAUMKUCHEN which is a moist, light, and fluffy triple-layered baumkuchen.

    A newly introduced TOKYO BANANA item is THE MATCHA CAKE from GINZA. It is a sponge cake filled with stone-ground Uji matcha, adzuki bean paste, and matcha milk cream.

    TOKYO BANANA Cookies and Wafers

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    Other than the various cakes, TOKYO BANANA also sells cookies and wafers such as the TOKYO BANANA TREE LANGUE DE CHAT COOKIE “Syally Mate”. This treat is made of thin and crispy cookies and milk chocolate, and is noticeable with its leopard design.

    Another is the TOKYO BANANA LANGUE DE CHAT COOKIE “Ai & Sachi”. These cute cookies are filled with rich white chocolate and banana milkshake flavor.

    If you like raisins, you should go for the TOKYO BANANA RAISIN SANDWICH COOKIES which are baked with special care. You can also enjoy the rich flavors of the TOKYO BANANA PIE. It comes in a gift box consisting of 15 pieces of cookies made from buttery pastry dough and banana biscuit dough.

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    There’s also the TOKYO BANANA GAUFRETTE which comes with two fillings: plain banana cream and chocolate banana cream. If you prefer subtle sweetness, you should go for the KAMAKURA HANGETSU, which also has two fillings: sweet adzuki bean cream and matcha green tea cream.

    One of my personal TOKYO BANANA favorites is their SUGAR BUTTER SAND TREE which is made of cereal grains and white chocolate filling.

    Now that we’ve tackled almost every TOKYO BANANA treat available across the nation, which of these will you buy during your trip to Japan? If you’re planning on buying these items as souvenirs to bring back to your home country, make sure to check whether you will be allowed to carry such purchases as some countries have restrictions on transporting confectionery.

    TOKYO BANANA Website

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