Find Out About Japanese Dance Music at This Unmissable Event in Tokyo!

  • With the growing popularity of electronic music around the world, many music gatherings are annually held such as the Winter Music Conference (WMC) in Miami, USA and the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) in Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, no such events are hosted in Japan despite being the world’s second largest music market… until now.

    Striving to promote the unique Japanese dance music market and culture to the world, the first international dance music conference in Japan was held in 2016. After attracting many music enthusiasts during its first run, another TDME is scheduled to happen this 2017. What is TDME and what is it all about? Let’s find out!

    What is TDME?

    The Tokyo Dance Music Event, or TDME for short, is a three-day international event that aims to gather electronic music industries in Japan. As the world’s second largest music market, Japan wants to strengthen the electronic dance music scene in the country and encourage collaboration across Asia through this event.

    TDME is divided into three main parts: Conference for those who are involved in the music business, marketing, art, and technology industry, Sessions and workshops for music artists and producers, and Live events that will feature international and local Japanese artists in Tokyo’s hottest clubs.

    TDME 2017 will be held from November 30 to December 2, at Shibuya Hikarie Hall A and B. If you want to see the highlights of TDME 2016 and get to know what’s in store for you this 2017, you can watch the video below:

    What to Expect


    For those who are curious about the business behind dance music, the conference talks would be perfect. Conference speakers include Spincoaster CEO Jun Hayashi, Indian dance music producer and DJ Anish Sood, music-tech journalist Cherie Hu, Shibuya Club WOMB’s Hatsushiba Kana, British music producer and Mute Records label owner Daniel Miller, and many more prominent music artists and producers. Interesting topics such as Music Promotion in the Digital Age and Instagram for Brands and Festivals are some of the themes to be discussed.


    For those looking for studio and production workshops, you can expect to see a variety of fun-filled sessions at TDME. One of which is the Ableton Meetup Tokyo with the theme, “fusion of raw instruments and electronics,” wherein Japanese music producers DÉ DÉ MOUSE and LLLL will be participating.

    Japanese group Open Reel Ensemble consisting of Wada Yutaka, Yoshida Yu, and Yoshida Tadashi will also be featured in the TDME Sessions. They make unique original music with old reel-to-reel tape recorders.


    If you are more about experiencing dance music rather than attending talks about it, don’t miss the TDME Live events! On December 1, 2017, Swiss DJ and music producer EDX and Estonian artist Madison Mars will have a “Spinnin’ Sessions at TDME” at Hikarie Hall A, while Daniel Miller and Japanese techno DJ Takkyu Ishino join together for “STERNE for TDME” at Club WOMB.

    Other Event Highlights

    Aside from those mentioned above, there will also be a competition for electronic music creators called “INTERLUDE from TDME.” Competitors will be judged by dance music media and music festival organizers, and winners will receive amazing prizes! If you are interested in joining, you can check out this page (Japanese only).

    Participating in TDME

    If you are a student or an artist planning to join TDME 2017, you can get a Student/Artist TDME Pass that will give you a two-day access to Conference and Sessions for only 5,000 yen. However, if you want to come but you’re neither a student nor an artist, a two-day TDME Pass is available for you at 20,000 yen. If you want more perks, there’s also a VIP TDME Pass available for 40,000 yen that will give you a two-day access to Conference and Sessions, as well as entry to the VIP lounge and reception areas.

    For more information about tickets, you can check here.

    Regardless of what you do in life, whether you’re a student, an independent artist, or a start-up brand, as long as you’re interested in dance music, TDME 2017 is an event you should not miss! If you happen to be in Tokyo during the event, why not drop by Shibuya Hikarie and discover what Japanese dance music is really all about?

    Tokyo Dance Music Event Website

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