3 Yummy Otsumami Snacks That Go Perfectly With Beer

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  • Probably, when you are drinking, you would feel like you want to eat something spicy, or salty. I have heard that in many countries, people usually eat cheese or cracker while drinking alcohol (Osake) such as beer and wine. Japan is not an exception, we eat cheese and cracker as well. However, in Japan, there are other suitable snacks that Japanese think that is really good with alcohol. Those snacks are called “Otsumami”. “つまむ” (tsumamu) can mean “to grab,” so anything you can just grab casually and eat (usually with some sort of alcohol). It can be similar to its counterpart TAPAS in Spain. It can be proper cooked foods or snacks.
    Her above three of the traditional snacks usually grabbed while enjoying drinking with friends.

    1. Surume

    Surume is made from squid. This snack is made by drying completely the squid. It’s a little bit spicy. We call those type of squids Surume. Also, Surume is a little hard to bite. But it si very tasty.

    2. Tara-cheese

    This is called Tara-cheese or cheese-Tara. This food is basically made from normal cheese, but at the edge of the cheese, you would see something white. The white thing is a minced fish and the fish is called Tara in Japanese. The minced Tara with cheese seriously matches alcohol. You can get cheese-Tara easily in convenience store.

    3. Kaki-no-Tane

    Kaki-no-Tane is a really popular snack while drinking. It literally means seed of persimmon. Kaki is a kind of OSenbei (Japanese rice cracker), and the shape of this Osenbei is similar to seeds. That’s why this snack is called Kaki-no-Tane. There is peanut with the OSenbei, and those two really match each other.

    Here, I introduced about popular and typical snack for drinking in Japan. The good point of those foods is not only that they taste good and matching while drinking alcohol, but also, those are really cheap and easy to buy in any convenience store.

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