You’ll Never Miss Halloween at This Spooky Ghost-Themed Bar in Tokyo!

  • Halloween may be over but not for this izakaya (Japanese pub) in Tokyo called “Yurei” which celebrates the event all throughout the year. The bar is quite amusing with all its spooky decorations and eerie chant music. It is full of creepy elements, from bloody dishes to ghostly servers. They also have a lot of gimmicks when it comes to their menus and serving styles. Interested? Find out more about it!

    About Yurei

    Yurei is a ghost-themed izakaya located near Kichijoji’s Don Quijote. Its name stands for “ghost” in Japanese. Ghosts and monsters have long been part of Japanese history since the olden times. If you have an affinity for these kinds of things, then you’ll surely love this place!

    The bar is situated in a quiet alley where you have to descend a few stairs before actually entering the restaurant. It looks like a hideaway and is barely noticeable on the street. In order to draw the attention of passersby, spooky audio sounds can be heard from within.

    What to Expect

    Upon entering the restaurant, you will be greeted by ghost waitresses. They’ll say, “Welcome to the Underworld.” You will then be led to your seat. The entire bar looks like a haunted house where you can see many different kinds of spooky displays.

    The staff will then explain to you the process of ordering your food. They can speak English and an English menu is also available. Remember that you are only given two hours to enjoy your mealtime inside.

    Some of the items you can order are The Eyeballs (460 yen) and the Fried Straw Doll (460 yen). You can also order drinks such as whiskey, wine, beer, champagne, non-alcoholic cocktails, etc. served in a weird way. If you order a special cocktail, a waitress will come and tell you a horror story while making your drink. Some meals also require a special pyro who’ll set your food ablaze before your eyes. Other items on the menu are salad, fried skewers, fried food, rice dishes, and desserts.

    A great part of the meal is doing the Russian roulette game. You will be served a dish and it is important not to eat the spicy one. Each try costs 150 yen. If you get a spicy one, you will be forced to wear a white gown and go inside a casket for your “funeral.” You have to act as if you are dead and your casket will be closed. The waitress will perform some chanting and you will only be allowed to leave once the ceremony is done.

    Yurei is open every day from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Also, if you ever use their bathroom, you’ll notice that the wall is covered with flesh.

    This place will surely give you a crazy fun experience if you’re up to it. They also have a special surprise if it happens to be your birthday. It is recommended that you visit with friends as it is a unique way to get entertained. If you missed Halloween, worry not. You can get a spooky experience any time at this izakaya!

    Yurei Website

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