Visit the 5 Museums of Ueno Park

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  • 1. The Tokyo National Museum

    The Tokyo National Museum is Japan’s oldest and largest museum. General admission costs 620 yen per person. It has a number of buildings. The museum houses a large number of valuable historical artifacts of ancient Japan. There is a wide collection of potteries, Kimonos, sculptures, arts, weapons etc.

    The Honkan is the main among the galleries o this museum which hosts the valuable treasures from Housyuu ji temple of Nara. It includes Buddha statues, masks, etc. There is another building called Toyokan, that has a number of sculptures of Buddha from various parts of Asia and there are some potteries from China also displayed there. Heiseikan is the part of the museum that keeps Japanese potteries and other equipment of the ancient country.

    The Tokyo National Museum

    2. National Museum of Nature and Science

    This museum displays a large number of specimens of plants and animals including that of dinosaurs. There are two floors of specimens of Dinosaurs. The long and big skeletal systems of the dinosaurs hanged around, the various bone parts kept in glasses with names and details written on it etc. are the things we could find there. It is knowledge worthy and interesting place especially for students, as it contains a number of specimens of birds and animals even from the prehistoric times. There is a wide collection of specimens of fishes in one area. The bird specimen includes those starting from tiny birds to biggest ostrich. The animal specimens could also be seen at one end of the collection which all could be watched through the glass shelves exhibiting them. There are collections of bones and skeletons of various other animals like tigers, elephants etc also. There is also collections of snakes, shells, varieties of butterflies, beetles, and other insects also stuffed there. We could understand and differentiate the various varieties of plants and animals belonging to the similar species. The plant specimen include cereals, different kinds of mushrooms, algae, flowers and even more. We could also see preserved collection of small and big flowers including that of the biggest flower Rafflesia. Not only the specimens, we could see recreated models of birds and animals of various species. Apart from these all, we could find the status of people of ancient Japan and their lifestyle of ancient times being depicted through paintings and statues. Ancient Japanese clocks, armors can also be found there.

    National Museum of Nature and Science

    3. The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

    This museum has six galleries. They are rented by various artists, groups and organizations for their exhibition purposes. The museum gallery is always dedicated to held the exhibitions while all others are rented by outsiders. The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures, pottery works etc. which always changes in accordance with the people and organizations renting it. It costs separate entry passes for every exhibition.

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

    4. Shitamachi Museum

    Shitamachi is the name of the area including Ueno in the past. The life of ancient people of Tokyo is recreated for the new generation. This museum exhibits and recollects the life of ancient Shitamachi with its past atmosphere recreated in two floors of the museum. Once we enter inside the museum, we could see the ancient Japan in front of us. The first floor has a merchants shop, sweet shop etc. There is a shop of the Geta maker in this floor. “Geta” are the wooden sandals of Japan (We could see people wearing it with Kimonos). The second floor has of Shitamachi with Bandai, the public bath area of ancient days, a home with household items arranged just as if it is inside a house. We could see objects inside the cupboards and drawers if we check it. And there are also a lot of ancient Japanese toys which visitors could try out.

    Shitamachi Museum

    5. National Museum of Western Art

    This museum has a wide collection of western arts. Those who are interested in paintings and artworks should surely visit here, to enjoy the beautiful and famous paintings. They have a collection of works ranging from the eighteenth century onwards.

    National Museum of Western Art

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