Check Out This New Japanese Treat Brought to Us by Tokyo Banana and Kit Kat!

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  • What happens when you combine the two most sought-after souvenirs in Japan? You get an irresistible new flavor of your favorite Kit Kat! Have a taste of the TOKYO BANANA x KITKAT!


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    TOKYO BANANA is a banana custard-filled sponge cake shaped like a small banana. Manufactured by Grapestone Co., Ltd., TOKYO BANANA is produced as an omiyage or souvenir for those visiting Japan. Since it first came out in 1991, it has been popular not only among locals but foreign tourists as well!

    Through the years, TOKYO BANANA had many other flavors to choose from in addition to its original flavor. The TOKYO BANANA Honey Flavor that has bee stripes on the box and the cake itself is sold exclusively at Haneda Airport, while the delicious TOKYO BANANA STAR Almond Milk Cream is sold only in winter. Other notable flavors include HEART Maple, TREE Chocolate Banana Cream, ROAR Caramel, and Banana Caramel Custard Cream.

    The main ingredients of this sponge cake are banana cream, egg, milk, and wheat. Every 100 grams of TOKYO BANANA has around 250 to 280 calories. In terms of shelf life, each pack has a best before date.

    TOKYO BANANA also has other cake variants such as a fluffy castella cake and a triple-layered baumkuchen. As if to prove its mastery of everything sweet and delightful for the palate, brownies, cookies, and wafers also came into the picture!

    The original flavor of this Japanese delicacy comes in a value pack of 4 pieces at 483 yen and gift boxes of 8 pieces at 1,029 yen, 12 pieces at 1,543 yen, or 16 pieces at 2,057 yen. TOKYO BANANA is available at various airports, select JR stations, and even along major highways and department stores in Japan! Flavors available in each shop may vary so make sure to check the list of shops here.


    The collaboration between Grapestone Co., Ltd. and Nestlé Japan brings us Kit Kat’s newest flavor, the TOKYO BANANA x KITKAT! Enjoy the gentle taste of TOKYO BANANA combined with the crunchy wafer and delectable chocolate of Kit Kat.

    Unique to the TOKYO BANANA x KITKAT is how the two chocolate wafer bars are connected at one end like a bunch of real bananas – or in this case, a pair. At this end of the Kit Kat, we see the familiar logo of TOKYO BANANA which is an image of a banana with a bow on top. This logo also appears on the box and individual foil package of each Kit Kat bar.

    The TOKYO BANANA x KITKAT comes in boxes of 8 pieces sold at 702 yen and 15 pieces sold at 1,296 yen. It will initially be available at Tokyo Okashi Land in Tokyo Station and, eventually, in other stores nationwide.

    Collaborations such as this one by TOKYO BANANA and Kit Kat is a good way to innovate on existing products and make a whole new confection for everyone to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the TOKYO BANANA x KITKAT! Bring home a box or two to share with your friends and family!

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