3 Interesting Beer Museums in Tokyo

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  • If you are beer connoisseur and you are based in Tokyo, here are the three beer museums you can visit. You can sip a beer and look at the history of local beer making.

    1. Yebisu Beer Museum

    Being one of the oldest breweries in Japan inspired from the German beer making techniques from late 19th century, Yebisu has become not only the name of the beer but also the name of the town where it started. When you access the museum, it is better to have a guide who could explain to you the history of the brand and also some brewing techniques. There is no entrance fee and you can taste as many beers as you can with a charge. There are a souvenir shop and a tasting salon for all beer lovers out there. And if you do not want to drink for any reason, you can have special soft drinks in the museum.

    Yebisu Beer Museum

    2. Suntory Musashino Beer Factory

    Here, you can test free samples of beer for free. And also the guided tour of the museum is free for an hour. This is a great place to visit on your way to Fuchu race- courts or if you happen to be in the Tama area. You have to check their website quite often to know when they would be open. They are closed sometimes on some events and it is better to surf in before you get there.

    Suntory Musashino Beer Factory

    3. World Beer Museum

    It is situated in the Tokyo Sky Tree Town- Solamachi store. It is the newest one compared to the above two museums. It has more than 150 authentic beer brands from all around the world and it has an open terrace for you to drink while sky gazing. There are cuisines of many countries available for you to savor. You can also get a limited edition Czech beer under the label of Tokyo Sky Tree as a souvenir.

    World Beer Museum

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