Enter the World of Picture Books at This Tiny Adorable Cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo

  • There are many cute cafes in Japan but rarely do you see one that looks exactly like those in picture books. In Tokyo, there is one outstanding cafe that takes every customer into a surreal world of children’s books. Every corner of this place was carefully designed to make it look like a fantasy world for kids. Adults may, of course, also visit the cafe and relive their childhood. It could be the perfect hideout for those wanting to have a fairytale-like relaxation.

    The Cafe

    cafe&gallery HATTIFFNATT is located near Kichijoji Station. It looks fun and cute on the outside and is brightly lit on the inside. You’ll notice how colorful it is once you step inside. The main door to the cafe is only 130 cm tall so you have to squeeze yourself in if you’re taller. The walls of the cafe have been painted with several artworks taken from children’s books. The floors and furniture are made of wood, giving the whole place an antique feel.

    The Picture Book Authors

    The artworks on the cafe’s walls were made by marini*monteany – the name of two Japanese picture book illustrators, Noda Tomohiro and Shinozaki Mayu. The couple is fond of making books, handmade artworks, and original paintings. They have exhibited many of their creations over the years. Noda likes drawing animals, while Shinozaki prefers drawing children. Both of them like to draw on a daily basis and their passion is clearly evident in their works.

    The Menu

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    cafe&gallery HATTIFFNATT offers several food items on its menu. They have pasta, pizza, side dishes, desserts, and more. There’s also an English menu available for those who cannot read Japanese.

    Their pizza selection includes Fresh Vegetable Pizza, Potato and Bacon Pizza, Anchovies and Black Olives Pizza, Genovese Pizza, etc. You can also have some Taco Rice such as Avocado Taco Rice and Tomato Taco Rice.

    In addition, you can also order some side dishes like Caesar salad, coleslaw, tomato and mozzarella, marinated octopus, and sausage. They also have desserts like chiffon cakes and Mont Blanc.

    For beverages, their cold drinks include iced coffee, iced tea, iced lattes, juice, soda, etc., while their hot drinks include coffee, cafe lattes, milk tea, etc. Whatever you order, they will surely be presented in a cute way.

    Most of the time, the cafe is packed with many customers, so expect to take the seat upstairs. If you’d like to buy some souvenirs, there is a store located next to the cafe where handmade products with personal touches from the artists are sold. You’ll definitely be able to purchase an original souvenir that you cannot find elsewhere in the country!

    Step into the world of picture books by visiting this adorable cafe in Kichijoji, Tokyo. cafe&gallery HATTIFFNATT is perfect for kids and kids at heart alike!

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