2 Fresh Sports Drinks for the Hot Japanese Summer

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  • Summer is coming and the temperatures this year are expected to go above 30 degrees Celsius in Japan. It becomes hard to stay even in a room without an air conditioner. When it comes to daily work, on an average, two to three hours per day would be spent commuting in crowded trains and walking through sultry streets.

    It is important to stay hydrated and keep the nutrients flowing through the body all the time to avoid any possible sunstroke or just fatigue. So, the following are the two drinks I think you should carry with you frequently to stay hydrated. These work very effectively against the sun and I would recommend to anyone who wants to beat the heat.

    1. Pocari Sweat

    Pocari Sweat or `Pocari Suetto` is a sweet tasting Japanese soft drink with no carbonated water. It is an ion supply drink with Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium and other nutrients dissolved and it is a great instant relief if you are stressed out. It is available in aluminum cans and pet bottles and is famous in Japan, South East Asia, and Middle East. There is also a sweeter version called `Pocari Sugar`. This company is getting really popular these days even in the west due to its unique name and is being marketed as a sports drink. The company is also planning to send Pocari Sweat to the moon and by then, it will become the first commercial product ever advertised on the moon.

    Pocari Sweat Website

    2. Weider in Jelly

    This is a jelly based drink with an intent to supply whatever you need when you are working out or doing sports out in the sun. This drink is absorbed into blood easily and comes in different packs. You can buy these in any convenient stores and you can select from any number of choices such as Protein, Minerals, Vitamins and Carbohydrates. It gives you energy sufficient throughout the entire day. Keep a collection in your bag or just one that you like.

    Weider Website*Japanese Only

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