Have a Look at Japan’s Majestic Cloudy Skies at These 4 Spots in the Country

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  • The unique geographic location of Japan affects the cloud formations in its sky, which are also influenced by the fact that the country is an archipelago, a cluster of many small islands. Aptly called as “Nippon” or “Nihon,” which literally translates to “Land of the Rising Sun,” Japan has a lot to offer in terms of its skies, especially with its clouds.

    Japan’s Clouds

    As true for any island, the local low-lying clouds of Japan are in numerous attractive patterns. The clouds of Japan are so popular that every single year, there would be at least one news about bizarre cloud patterns that would go viral worldwide.

    In 2016, an unusual spherical cloud was hovering over Fujisawa City in the south of Tokyo. It was suggested that this type of cloud is a roll cloud formed by cold fronts due to thunderstorms. A similar incident is said to have taken place in 2015 as well.

    To make things more debatable, a cloud resembling a dragon appeared in the skies of Niigata on October 1, 2017. This funnel cloud is said to form when combined with a rotating column of wind. It was reported that people were awestruck by this “white dragon” funnel cloud.

    There is also a belief that cloud patterns can be an indicator of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. That’s scary!

    While occurrences as above make it clear that Japan’s sky is mysterious, it is undoubtedly true that it can be stunningly beautiful, too. For a person who loves nature and is attracted to sunrises, sunsets, or clouds, visiting Japan would be a wise option. Along with its natural beauty of volcanic mountains, lakes, and beaches, these unique cloud formations are icing on the cake for Japan. Here are a few amazing cloud pictures shot in different parts of Japan!

    1. Rolling clouds around Mt. Fuji

    Author’s photo

    When talking about clouds, the first iconic spot that deserves to be mentioned is Mt. Fuji. It is almost always covered with clouds throughout the year, except in winter when its snowcap is more visible than the clouds. The top of Mt. Fuji perpetually appear to be above the clouds as seen in the picture.

    Mt. Fuji Website

    2. Lake Yamanaka, one of the Fuji Five Lakes

    Author’s photo

    Around Mt. Fuji, scenic thick clouds can be found over Lake Yamanaka. This photo features a group of swan boats in the lake with a beautiful mountain backdrop covered by picturesque clouds.

    Lake Yamanaka Website

    3. Matsushima, Miyagi

    Author’s photo

    Matsushima is a cluster of numerous small islands located close to one another. This astonishing photo features light rays pouring through the clouds on a magical evening, taken during a cruise along the islands in Matsushima Bay.

    Matsushima Area Website

    4. Lake Inawashiro, Fukushima

    Author’s photo

    Koriyama in Fukushima, a less explored place, is home to one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever witnessed – Lake Inawashiro. Here is a shot of a small row of mountains which appears as if it links Lake Inawashiro on earth to the heavens in the sky. This is a divine sight to behold.

    Lake Inawashiro Website

    Having said all these about the beauty of Japanese skies, it is time you plan for sunrise/sunset views on your next visit to the country. Remember to look above the beautiful beaches and mountains to have a glimpse of the wonderful clouds hovering over you!