The Essential Earthquake Safety Tips

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  • Japan is famous for its earthquakes and if you are in Japan, perhaps you ll experience some of them during your stay. If it is a strong one, you will need to protect yourself. So I will write about the most important things you should know in this article.

    What does cause Japanese earthquakes?

    In the first place, why does an earthquake happen? There are two causes.
    First, there are tectonic plates on our earth, and when one of marine plates goes under the continental plate, continental plate tries to push it back. This friction causes the earth to shake.
    The second reason, when the soil of the continental plate can’t hold the weight any longer, it breaks down. The shaking is not so strong in that case.

    Speaking of Japan, there are 4 plates under it and the three plates’ borders are under the “Tokai area”(middle of Japan). Therefore, it is said that a big earthquake is going to happen there soon.

    What should you do in event of an earthquake?

    1. Hide under a desk or something hard

    What you should worry about the most is collapsing of the things around you when the earthquake happens. So please hide yourself as soon as possible. And in a case you use gas to cook, please turn it off before hiding.

    2. Open the doors and windows

    When the earthquake happens sometimes doors get deformed and become impossible to open. So you have to open all the doors you can when it starts.

    3. If fire occurs

    If fire occurs the most dangerous thing is smoke, especially carbon monoxide. So cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or something similar. When the shaking stops, go outside using the door or windows you opened earlier. Don’t hurry, be calm and precise.

    4. Evacuation

    If you stay near the mountains or sea, when a big earthquake strikes there is a potential danger of tsunami or avalanche. So, if it happens, at first follow the 1~3 steps and evacuate to a place that tsunami and avalanche can’t reach.

    And maybe I don’t need to add this, but the most important thing is cooperation of people. If a big earthquake happens, please help each other to evacuate.

    Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center

    If you are in your home country, perhaps you are not familiar with earthquakes that much. For some it can be difficult to imagine what they are like exactly. For those, there are some places you can learn about it. “Ikebukuro bousaikan” is an earthquake centre located at “Ikebukuro station” in Tokyo prefecture.
    Check their English website for more info. They will help you to learn more about the earthquakes.

    Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center website

    I hope you found this article helpful and are now fully prepared for any earthquake that might happen!

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