Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With These 2 Newest Desserts From Japan!

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  • Any meal will not be complete without a dessert. Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in these newest dessert offerings from Japan!

    1. Grand time Shake and Drink Sweet Shortcake

    Are you craving for your favorite dessert but are always on the go? “Drinkable desserts” are perfect for you! This concept has been rising in popularity in Japan and your favorite sweet might just be the next one on the list to be transformed into a beverage!

    Who doesn’t love strawberry shortcake? Anyone who fancies this dessert is in for a treat! What makes this strawberry shortcake drink extra special is its flavor. It contains Amaou strawberries that are only produced in Fukuoka, well known for its sweetness. Together with the rich Hokkaido cream in it, this beverage will let you have a new way of savoring the taste of strawberry shortcake. The consistency of the drink can also be changed by shaking the can!

    Grand time Shake and Drink Sweet Shortcake comes in 165g bottle cans at 160 yen each. Get yours from the 8,000 acure vending machines distributed at JR East stations. DyDo DRINCO who is responsible for this new product also makes canned coffee, bottled water, tea, juice-based beverages, carbonated drinks, and energy drinks. They also produce hot drinks such as soup and sweet bean porridge that are sure to warm you up and fill your empty stomach!

    2. Tonkotsu Purin

    They say big things come in small packages, and that is just the case with the latest product from Glow Foods. You are in for a big surprise with the intermingling of sweet and salty flavors in the Tonkotsu Purin (pudding)!

    If you have eaten tonkotsu ramen, you might recall that its broth is made from pork bone. Tonkotsu flavor is associated with saltiness. Combined with the rich and sweet pudding, Tonkotsu Purin is a unique dessert altogether! It is made with tonkotsu soup, rich cream, and egg yolks.

    There are three ways to enjoy your Tonkotsu Purin. First is to simply eat the pudding as it is. Second is to add the crushed caramel bits on top of the pudding for a crunchy texture. The third and last way is to drizzle the caramel sauce for a thicker consistency and extra sweetness. The Tonkotsu Purin is best eaten frozen as you would enjoy your ice cream.

    This dessert can only be purchased at the Glow Foods Official Online Shop (Japanese only). It comes in a 75g pack sold at 345 yen and can also be ordered as a pack of two sold at 690 yen. The Tonkotsu Purin is currently the only product in this online shop.

    Glow Foods is an Osaka-based company that is in the food processing and manufacturing business. They deal with a wide range of products including agricultural, processed meat and fish, and sweets. Glow Foods has previously manufactured tonkotsu soup and catalana, an Italian dessert quite similar to pudding. This experience helped them create the Tonkotsu Purin which is a registered trademark of the company.

    What are you waiting for? Treat your palate to a feast of extraordinary flavors with these innovative desserts available only in Japan!

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