3 of the Most Popular Innovative Japanese Pens

  • Amazing Japanese pens

    Pens are essential for everyday life in all over the world. There are many kinds of pens such as ball point pens, gel pens, and so on. I know many countries have different pens that are better fitted for their culture. However, in Japan, there are many amazing pens which are quite unique and functional. I will introduce you the best pens from Japan which I find really functional.

    Frixion ball pen

    When you touch and use this pen, it feels just like a regular ball point pen. However, this pen has an amazing and pretty useful function. You can erase whatever you wrote with the rubber which is on the other side of the pen, even though the ink looks just as that of a regular ball point pen!

    Marker with a window?


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    This is otherwise just a regular marker pen, but it has one interesting function. Have you ever thought before that it’s a little bit hard to make a straight line with a marker because the sentence would get covered? (If you are right hand user!) With this marker, you wouldn’t have a problem like that! Since this marker has a little hole just like in a photo, you can see the sentences that you want to mark! You should try it out!

    Nu spiral CC


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    This is called Nu Spiral CC. Probably, this shape looks a little weird. However, there is a reason for this shape. When you have to use a sharp pencil over a long time, this one doesn’t make your hand as tired when you use it.

    There you go! I introduced you some special pens you can find in Japan. The pens’ functions are amazing, and I bet you would love it! There are many product related pens in Japan. I think it is a really good idea to take a look at local stationary goods and get some original gifts for your friends and family