7 Reasons That Will Make You Buy Meiji’s Latest Chocolate Bar in Japan

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  • Meiji is the pride of Japan as it produces some of the country’s best dairy and confectionery products. They recently introduced an all-new range of chocolate bars called “meiji THE Chocolate” under the category of “bean to bar.” The range has exciting new flavors and visually attractive packaging for each chocolate bar.

    Here are seven reasons that will make you want to run to your nearest convenience store and grab a meiji THE Chocolate bar to taste its excellence!

    1. Exquisite flavors

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    The range has eight flavors, namely Comfort Bitter, Elegant Bitter, Brilliant Milk, Sunny Milk, Vivid Milk, Velvet Milk, Matcha, and Framboise. These flavors have qualities that match their names. Each bar contains varying amount of cacao, suiting different tastes and preferences of customers.

    2. Country of origin

    You will be surprised to know that the cacao beans used in meiji THE Chocolate bar are sourced from different countries like Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. This ensures that each flavor gets the correct kind of cacao bean for maintaining the authenticity of the taste and texture of the chocolate.

    3. “Bean to bar” concept

    Meiji has ensured that the cacao-producing countries are directly linked to their consumption areas. Meiji has supported these production areas by providing facilities to continue sustainable agricultural practices and procure cacao beans of the highest quality to make meiji THE Chocolate.

    4. Chocolate preparation process

    To make their rich, smooth, and delicious chocolate bars, Meiji starts by selecting the appropriate cacao beans, followed by fermenting and roasting them. After that, the beans are grounded, sugar is added, and the chocolate is conched and refined. Finally, it is tempered and molded into the bars that we see in shops. These steps and procedures give rise to the unique and quality meiji THE Chocolate bars.

    5. World-class chocolate made in Japan

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    These chocolates originate from Japan and have taken the world by surprise. Meiji first introduced its chocolates and other related products to the Japanese market; and now, they are bringing their newest creation, meiji THE Chocolate, for everyone to enjoy!

    6. Meiji Cocoa Support

    Through the Meiji Cocoa Support, Meiji is supporting and aiding cacao farms and farmers to ensure a sustainable and continuous supply of quality beans for production. By buying meiji THE Chocolate, one can be proud of being an indirect part of the campaign that supports farmers in cacao-producing nations.

    7. Award-winning chocolate

    When you bite into the chocolate, remember that you just had a taste of one of the finest chocolates in the world. As a matter of fact, meiji THE Chocolate has been awarded titles like Great Taste, Superior Taste, and many more.

    meiji THE Chocolate is not only the best in taste and design, but it is also contributing socially towards sustainable farming and the rights of farmers in cacao-producing countries. So pick your favorite flavor out of the eight, take a bite, and feel the pure chocolate bliss that will tickle your taste buds and leave a lasting aftertaste!

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