Top 5 Places to Check Out In and Around Nagoya University

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  • Nagoya University is one of the seven national universities in Japan and is very famous for its rich legacy, various Nobel Laureates, and research-intensive courses. The campus is huge and is spread in different parts of Nagoya City. It houses various restaurants, cafes, and museums that can be any tourist’s delight.

    Here are the top five places to check out if you are visiting Nagoya University!

    1. Nobel Laureates’ Research Corner

    Nagoya University proudly has had six Nobel Prize winners over the past many years. To honor their contribution and achievements, there is a permanent exhibition in the university museum called the “Nobel Laureates’ Research Corner” which includes four major areas featuring the natural history of the Nobi Plain, electron microscopy, field work and scientific results, and ongoing research based on Nagoya University’s academic activities.

    This is a must-visit for science enthusiasts who wish to know more about the Nobel Prize-winning works and research and also get an idea about the history and background of the Nobel Laureates.

    Nobel Laureates’ Research Corner at the Nagoya University Museum Website *Japanese only

    2. Disaster Mitigation Research Center (DMRC)

    Nagoya City and the surrounding Chukyo area are vulnerable to natural hazard risks, particularly earthquakes. Thus, the Disaster Mitigation Research Center or DMRC was founded in 2012. The DMRC has an exhibition hall and a library which offer the public information about natural disasters and their mitigation.

    Visitors will get to use various facilities such as a bi-directional long-stroke oscillation stand, panel exhibitions for learning about disaster prevention and mitigation, and educational resources that simulate the motion of the ground and buildings during an earthquake.

    Disaster Mitigation Research Center Website

    3. Akasaki Institute

    Professor Isamu Akasaki is a Japanese physicist from Nagoya University, specializing in the field of semiconductor technology. He is also a Nobel Prize Laureate, best known for inventing the blue LED.

    The Akasaki Institute commemorates Professor Isamu Akasaki’s research achievements. Visitors can view the exhibits in the Exhibition Room which include a 160-inch LED display, traffic signals and cell phones using blue LED, and his other achievements and laboratory equipment.

    Akasaki Institute Website

    4. Craig’s Cafe

    After a long day of museum hopping, one can relax at Craig’s Cafe and have a cup of coffee or frappe, a bagel sandwich, or just a good old brownie. The cafe has amazing options for breakfast and other meals. You can even ask them to customize a sandwich based on your dietary preferences. The cafe is in the heart of the campus and is a perfect setting to have a nice meal and chat with a friend.

    Craig’s Cafe Website

    5. Starbucks Coffee

    Yes, Nagoya University has its own Starbucks on its campus, right at the entrance of the university library which is open for all. The cafe has adequate indoor and outdoor seating, with a huge community table which allows people to work, relax, and also interact with others. It is an excellent spot to grab a quick cup of coffee and a bite before heading to another museum or taking a tour of the campus.

    Starbucks Coffee Japan Website

    Nagoya University offers a great blend of academic, practical, and cultural learning as it has a huge community of international students who add a lot of vibrancy to the campus. Make sure to visit the university and check out all the museums and cafes mentioned in this article!

    Nagoya University Website

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