3 Japanese Animations to Watch and Enjoy With Your Kids

  • As you know, Japanese animations are really popular all over the world. These days, the animations are gaining even more popularity. However, a lot of animations are too hard for the kids to understand or too simple for adults to be interested. But I think the three animations that I am going to introduce you are really good to be enjoyed by both adults and the kids. Also, these animes are pretty famous and popular in Japan, so I think you can find them on the internet or in some stores quite easily. I strongly recommend you to watch these animes with your kids and I bet both of you will have a lot of fun!

    1. Doraemon

    Doraemon is one of the most popular animations in Japan. This funny blue character is a robot from future! And he came to the 20th century to help a boy named Nobita, who is terrible at study, sports, and almost everything. Doraemon’s owner in the future is Nobita’s great-grandchild and he send Doraemon to change his life by changing his great-grandparent, Nobita. And Doraemon helps Nobita by using his unique and amazing tools from the future. This story is originally made for kids, but if you watch it as an adult, I bet it will impress you too.

    2. One piece

    I think One Piece is a famous animation in all over the world. One Piece is an adventure story of pirates. This anime is enormously popular with both adults and kids. I think it’s popular not only because of its interesting storyline, but also an impressive message. Everyone knows that it is important to have good friends in life, not to give up, and to have the life goals. However, sometimes it is really to accomplish that in reality. But in this story, Luffy tells us the importance of it all through the animation. I strongly recommend you to watch this animation with your kids!

    3. Crayon Shin-chan

    Crayon Shin-chan is a really simple and funny animation. If you are an adult, it might seem a little bit silly because the main character of this story, Shinnosuke, always does stupid thing. But if you actually watch this cartoon, I bet you will start liking it. Like Doraemon and One Piece, Crayon Shin-chan tells you about the important things in your life. Since the stories are pretty simple, I think you can enjoy it with your kids.

    Here you are, I introduced you the animations that you can watch together with your kids. Everyone can enjoy animations, not just children! Be sure to check the above ones out.