Relax and Enjoy the Beauty of Michinoku Park

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  • The Tohoku region is one of the richest natural Japanese areas. If you get a chance to visit this region, be sure to put Michinoku Koen as one place you must visit on your list.


    Michinoku Park is located in the middle between Sendai and Yamagata, it takes around 1 hour from both of the cities. This beautiful park is a nice place for family trips and romantic getaways. The park has large flower beds with many kinds of seasonal flowers, huge picnic areas, kids’ playground and beautiful fountains.

    Michinoku Colorful Flowers Garden

    My favorite part at Michinoku is the colorful area which you can enjoy and relax while looking at the 7,000 m2 of flower beds. There are 100.000 flowers planted for each season and you will find different views in each season with different kinds of flowers. In this part of Michinoku there are water streams and beautiful fountains, this is the most desirable place to take pictures at Michinoku.

    This park is considered a kids-friendly Park, because there is huge playground for children (based on their official English website, the playground is for young children up to and including primary school children), you can take your children there, picnic under the green trees and enjoy a happy family moment.

    The Lakeside Area

    My second favorite area is the lakeside area because we can enjoy a boat ride in the Michinoku beautiful lake and play with the Big Yoga size balls. You can do exercise yoga there as well.

    The Home Village

    And last but not least, I recommend that you go to the Home Village, one of the parts of Michinoku Park where you can see 6 traditional Japanese houses from the Tohoku region prefectures. In every house, you will find a guide to see local Tohoku culture and way of living.

    Michinoku Park