Crazy for Craft Beer? Don’t Miss This Beer Tasting Event in Yokohama This January!

  • Traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages generally include various types of sake, nihonshu, and umeshu (plum wine), all with different brewing methods and flavors, as well as traditional and historic connections. However, beer is also a drink that is extremely popular among men and women in the country. Beer is usually the first drink people have at an izakaya (Japanese pub), Japanese companies such as Asahi, Sapporo, and Suntory brew their own kinds, and the country also imports many foreign beers that people love to discover. It’s a well-loved alcoholic drink here as it is in many other countries and a big part of Japanese drinking culture.

    Japan is also well known for its many festivals and celebrations. It seems there is always some event to look forward to, whether it’s a traditional “matsuri” that has been taking place for centuries, or a relatively recent festival celebrating the new and modern. Alcohol events are no exception; we’ve seen “nomi-aruki” events where people can pay a set amount to drink unlimited sake while walking around town, and of course, there is the much loved “nomikai” tradition where work colleagues get together to take advantage of restaurants and bars’ all-you-can-drink events.

    Craft beer is also gaining popularity in the country and there are various eateries and breweries all over where you can try unique flavors and limited-edition types that you might not be able to find anywhere else. Lovers of craft beer, then, cannot miss the Japan Brewers Cup in Yokohama taking place from Friday, January 26 to Sunday, January 28, 2018.

    Japan Brewers Cup

    One of the biggest craft beer events in the country, the Japan Brewers Cup will take place at Osanbashi Hall in Yokohama. Over 35 brewers and distributors will attend, and attendees can taste different kinds of craft beer from all over the country, discovering new varieties and comparing them.

    Devil Craft, a popular pizza and craft beer restaurant in Tokyo, will make its appearance again in January’s event, as will Shonan Beer, Swanlake Beer, August Beer, Rokko Beer, and many more. Customers who went to the last event are sure to be excited to see their favorite brewers and try their beverages again.

    As well as drinking beer, customers can enjoy on-stage performances and make use of the five different food vendors, which will be selling food that go well with beer. Aside from being a festival for the public, the beers will actually be judged by professionals and it is possible for you to watch the competitive side of the event as well.


    Entrance to the Japan Brewers Cup is 500 yen for advance tickets, and beer on sale ranges between 300 and 500 yen. It would be a good idea to go as a small group, order different kinds of beers, and then swap to find out which one you like the most. Even if you have three beers to yourself, the overall price will only add up to a few thousand yen, which is quite affordable! Of course, anyone under 20 years old is restricted from drinking beer at this event.

    If you’re a fan of craft beer and you’d like to attend an event where you can try different kinds from many prestigious Japanese breweries, don’t miss the exciting Japan Brewers Cup 2018! It’s your chance to taste new kinds of beer and meet like-minded beer-loving individuals!

    Japan Brewers Cup 2018 Website

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