4 Owl Cafes in Tokyo Animal Lovers Should Check Out

  • Upon hearing the phrase “animal cafe,” one would often think of dog and/or cat cafes. But in Japan, there has been a surge of different types of animal cafes – one of which is an owl cafe. Just like any other animal cafe, you get the chance to interact with owls for a period of time after paying a fee. Here are four owl cafes that you can visit while you are in Tokyo!

    1. Owl no Mori – The Forest of Owl

    Owl no Mori – The Forest of Owl has more than one store in Tokyo. Surprisingly, there is one in Akihabara, the anime and electronic district of Tokyo. Once you enter the cafe, however, it will not feel like you are in Akihabara at all, and you will see lots of foliage decorating the walls, ceilings, and furniture.

    There are around 30 species of owls that you can pet or place on your shoulder here. Some owls, though, are not that friendly and the staff will inform you about them. You can also preserve memories by taking pictures with and of them, but remember to turn your flash off.

    Owl no Mori – The Forest of Owl Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    2. Akiba Fukurou

    Another owl cafe that you can visit in Akihabara is Akiba Fukurou. This owl cafe is quite popular, so it is necessary to make an advance reservation online through their website. The reservation process is easy and they reply quickly, too. They require visitors to arrive at least 15 minutes early, and the price of each one-hour appointment is 2,000 yen.

    The cafe may look like a shabby building from the outside, but inside, it is like a theme park. It is definitely a fun place to interact with the 30 resident owls.

    Akiba Fukurou Website

    3. Ikefukurou Cafe

    Ikefukurou Cafe can be found in Ikebukuro (hence its name). This is another owl cafe that suggests guests to make a reservation before visiting. Reservations can be made by sending your name, the number of people visiting, your phone number, and preferred dates to their email at ikefukuroucafe@gmail.com. For an average time of one hour, you are free to pet and photograph their resident owls.

    Ikefukurou Cafe Website

    4. Owl Cafe Mohumohu

    The last owl cafe for this article is Owl Cafe Mohumohu, which you can visit in Shinjuku. It is located near Shinjuku Station and can be a resting place in the middle of the crowded tourist destination.

    There are 10 owls that you can play with here for one hour. The owner and his wife speak English quite well, so this cafe is also very tourist-friendly. Before visiting, it is recommended that you make a reservation first through their website.

    Owl Cafe Mohumohu Website *Japanese only

    While it can be a fun experience to visit an owl cafe and get the chance to interact with these fascinating nocturnal creatures, we must all remember to treat them with care. With our excitement, it is easy to get carried away, but we must continuously be mindful of how we play with the owls. With that in mind, I hope everyone can have an enjoyable and responsible visit to any of these owl cafes and other animal cafes, too.

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