Japan: A Tale of Two Teas

High above Tokyo station, I watch, as two ladies from the illustrious Fukujuen Tea House, make tea. One is elegantly dressed in a Fukujuen kimono, while the other dons the black and white style of the West. The teas are wonderfully fresh, the makers clearly love their work, and their attention to detail brings home…

3 Films About Cherry Blossoms You Cannot Miss This Hanami Season

Japan’s cherry blossom season is a spring of inspiration for film-makers around the world, who capture and interpret this beautiful time of the year in their own style and language. The essence of cherry blossoms is beautifully presented in these 3 films – a documentary on endurance and survival, an animated tale of fleeting joy…

Get to know Manika Nagare and her vibrant use of Color and Flowing Style

Manika Nagare is a Japanese artist who is famous for her vivid abstract landscapes made by using sheer layers of oil paint. She grew up in an artist family in Kagawa, thus making art was a huge part in growing up. As a child, she naturally enjoyed drawing and painting. Most of her artworks are…