The Game Sugoroku: New Year’s Japanese Board Games

Sugoroku is a Japanese board game which has become a tradition for kids to play during the New Year’s Day. Usually children’s magazines would include additions to the game in their January issues. The history of Sugoroku can be traced back to the 12th century. In the 17th century, e-sugoroku (“e” meaning picture) which is…

The Japanese New Year- 9 Facts you may not know about Japan`s Oshougatsu !

Probably there are different ways to spends holidays on the New Year depending on the cultural backgrounds of every country and also on the customs and traditions in your family. In Japan there is also a long list of things to do during this important event so here is a guide to how Japanese people…

O-souji: The Big Year End Cleaning Ritual

While it is the time of the year for preparing Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties in many countries, in Japan things are a little different. It is the time when people return to their hometown to enjoy a few days together with their families. However, the lack of parties does not mean Japanese people…