izu oshima

Sweet Summer Escape: 48 hours in Izu Oshima

Izu Oshima island can be your idyllic midsummer night’s dream which swaddles you right into nature’s lap. Flawless beaches, rugged terrain, scenic mountain trails, lush greenery and a desert and a night sky that inspire songs – this is what Izu Oshima island offers. Getting to Izu Oshima and Getting Around   View this post…

A New Type of Cream Puff: Visit Atami Square Chou in Japan for Square Cream Puffs!

People are used to having and seeing round-shaped cream puffs. The cute pastries are perfect for sharing on Instagram with their adorable appearance and their delicious taste. They’re a crowd favorite in Japan as well with many pastry shops selling them as one of their most popular desserts. Now, while cream puffs are seen all…