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It is true that people go to Kamakura especially to see temples, but if you plan your day in advance, you can make sure you visit only the ones that are unique. I went to Kamakura myself several times, and this is what impressed me most:

-Hokokuji temple, the bamboo forest in the garden here is so beautiful and peaceful
-Hasedera temple, the garden here is so neat, and there is a path all the way in the back upstairs from where you can see a great view and the statue is impressive
-Zeniarai benten shrine, this is where you can wash your money so it will be multiplied or so they say, quite an interesting place
-go to the beach in the summer, there is a great vibe and nice pop up restaurants
-visit Enoshima if you have time, it’s a very romantic place!

Have fun, it is one of my favorite places in Japan!