by cinnamonellie


The Super Fan Uncle Olympics Naotoshi Yamada Dies at 92 just short of Tokyo 2020 Games !

A Japanese Olympics super fan, Naotoshi Yamada that has attended all games since 1964, died on 9th of March due to a heart failure. A national celebrity that has appeared to every summer game, known by everybody as the “オリンピックおじさん”(Olympic Ojisan/ Uncle Olympics), died at 92 years old this year, in March. It was announced…

Lawson Turned the Adorable Character Doraemon into Japanese Sweets?!

I believe that everyone must be familiar with Doraemon(ドラえもん) series, be it manga , anime or both. The manga, published way back in 1969 is one of the best-selling manga series worldwide and has won many awards including the Osamu Tezuka Culture Award and has been adapted to anime series and multimedia franchise. So popular…

What is the reason Japanese are Annoyed and Irritated with Foreigner Tourists ?!

As the Tokyo 2020 Games steadily approaches, Japan expects a great number of foreigners to come starting from this year. However, together with foreigners also comes the Japanese citizens’ dissatisfaction created by the big number of tourists that is increasing by year. In a Japanese TV Show called ZawaTsuku(ザワつく), the Japanese brought into attention some…