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matcha dessert buffet 2019

Matcha Desserts Deluxe 2019

The green powdered tea is one of Japan’s most recognizable products, recently gaining a global popularity for both its taste and its health benefits. From elegant traditional tea ceremonies to cute modern sweets with a matcha twist, matcha has been widely popular in Japan for centuries. The bitter and refreshing tea is prepared fairly simply,…

Additional Government Measures Concerning New Foreign Workers 2019

On June 10th the government held a meeting with relevant ministries and agencies on the issue of accepting new foreign workers and indicated additional measures for improving the working environment. The main concern is avoiding the urban areas concentration of people with the new status of residence ‘category 1 specified skills’ which began this April.…
Photo by Victoriano Izquierdo on Unsplash

10 Weird and Wacky Vending Machines to Find in Tokyo

Vending machines are a staple of modern life, and in Japan they are glowing from every lonely corner at night like some kind of urban lighthouses. They are certainly convenient, reliable, numerous, but in Japan they are also weird and fun and surprising. The majority of vending machines usually sell drinks or small snacks, but…