halloween 2019 doughnuts

KRISPY KREME Japan Unveils the Halloween 2019 Doughnuts

by Zoria Petkoska Hello September and hello anticipation for Halloween and everything Autumn themed! Many brands in Japan started unveiling their seasonal items, and Krispy Kreme is one of the most creative among them! The beloved American doughnut brand in Japan fuses cultures perfectly and blends seasonal autumn flavours with Halloween symbols. *Author’s photo Author’s…

koe donuts – an Ethical Donut Shop in Kyoto Designed by Kengo Kuma

Donuts have become a staple in people’s lives as an easy to go-to dessert and meal in one. Due to the dessert’s popularity, there has been a flux of donut specialty shops flooding the streets of every major city worldwide. However, many of these are casual shops focused on convenience and the donut’s image as…

3 Must Visit Doughnut Shops in Tokyo

Doughnuts are the perfect dessert, whether it’s after a meal or as a snack. Whether you are wandering around Tokyo as a tourist or taking a lunch break from work, these doughnut shops are perfect places to drop by. Not only do these doughnuts taste delicious, but they are also adorable and aesthetically pleasing, making…