Hokkaido food

by Zoria

Things to do in Furano, Hokkaido, in Winter

by Zoria Petkoska The lavender paradise that is Furano lasts all summer, but it’s not like this area is a one-hit-wonder. All of Hokkaido is stunning in winter, with snowy landscapes, cozy hot springs and scrumptious food that never disappoints. And Furano is no different. So here’s what can you do in Furano and the…

3 Must Visit Doughnut Shops in Tokyo

Doughnuts are the perfect dessert, whether it’s after a meal or as a snack. Whether you are wandering around Tokyo as a tourist or taking a lunch break from work, these doughnut shops are perfect places to drop by. Not only do these doughnuts taste delicious, but they are also adorable and aesthetically pleasing, making…