Jiyugaoka Burger


Munch on 8 Different Organic Burgers at This Burger Shop in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo

Are you looking for some delicious homemade burgers? If so, Jiyugaoka Burger (自由が丘バーガー) is the perfect place for you to visit! This restaurant has become increasingly popular due to their healthy and good-tasting ingredients. Let’s find out more about it and its burgers! Jiyugaoka Burger View this post on Instagram 自由が丘バーガー 青山店 🍔テリヤキカシスバーガー🍔 EATの居抜きに自由が丘バーガーが6月にオープンしていた😲 ジンジャーベースのテリヤキソースにカシスを加えたテリヤキカシスバーガー、そこにチーズをトッピング🧀…