Things to do in Kyoto

Portrait of a Maiko geisha in Gion Kyoto

Top 30 Unique Things to Do in Kyoto in 2019

Kyoto is on the go-to list of most people who visit Japan. Often dubbed as “the most beautiful city in Japan” and home to hundreds of historical sites, the former capital of Japan is the favourite of many and visited by millions of people every year. Kyoto is known as the best place to see traditional temples,…

Eat and Tour Kyoto in Comfort – Willer Kyoto Restaurant Bus

The bane of many tourists visiting Kyoto in summer would probably be the incessant walking between all the scenic spots. Wouldn’t it be great to sit back in air-conditioned comfort, enjoy the scenery of Kyoto and some iconic landmarks, all while enjoying a traditional Japanese lunch? I got to do just that in this summer…